No 45 Jackson Pollock


“I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own.”  Jackson Pollock

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3 Responses to No 45 Jackson Pollock

  1. I wonder what changes could he have possibly made.
    The position of one of his paint drips was 45 degrees too far to the right? He needs to start over now?
    Pffft. (I’m no Pollock Fan 😉 )

    • I wasn’t until a visit to MoMA when we were on holiday in New York where I was able to look at an entire room of Pollock’s work. His work is not as random as people assume. He knew where those drips were going. They are very controlled.

  2. Y. Prior says:

    I became a fan of Pollock after watching a couple of well made documentaries about him – whew – and in one of the vids – watching him stand on the canvas and pondering the next paint (with a smoke in his mouth) – and then letting the paint fall here and there – it was awesome.

    In a few art classes we did drip art experiments – and the final pieces always came out fun – but I DO think that Pollock’s work is much more than drip art (more than just splashing paint like we did in art those days). And Pollock’s wife insisted that they hated the term drip art, and instead preferred to say “aerial application of pigment” – lol
    Also, I guess the experts who authenticate his work (as noted in the documentary, “Who the f*** is Jackson Pollock”) well the scholars claim they can feel his energy and layering of paint – and as the Milkman noted after being around his work in the MoMA – it takes seeing this art – live and up close- to appreciate it and to grasp the pieces of the artist that lie within each finished piece (BTW, I heard his best work came from the drunken state – and guess that his sober pieces lacked much…hmmmm).
    but I love this quote – and could see Pollock saying that a painting has a life of its own – because for him – those large canvasses truly did!

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