No 194 Rembrandt van Rijn

“I envy the poet. He is encouraged toward drunkenness and wallows with nubile wenches while the painter must endure wretchedness and pain for his art. ” Rembrandt van Rijn

Today is the birthday of Pieter de Hoogh. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a quote from him so here is one by Rembrandt instead. Y. Prior can still tell us Happy Birthday in Dutch though!

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3 Responses to No 194 Rembrandt van Rijn

  1. Y. Prior says:

    well one of my hubby’s favorite quotes is “if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much” – lol – which is just a joke – and one time he said it to a girl at a geo fair – her display was on Holland and so his cheesy little line fit right in – but the mom swooped the girl away like my hubby was a creep – maybe it was the bad grammar – who knows – but in the world of art – INDEED the dutch left us SO much!!!

    and just for the heck of it, I tried to find a quote for today’s birthday boy, Mr. de Hoogh (de Hooch) – but I also was NOT able to find anything!! Sadly though, read in his bio that he died in an insane asylum in Amsterdam in 1684 – he was only in his fifties – how sad!
    And well, today’s quote from Rembrandt sums up what De Hooch – and many many more have artists have likely felt –
    “the painter must endure wretchedness and pain for his art.”

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